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The Neighbors' Bog

—by Arthur C. Marks (c)2009

When I was a boy I had no dog
and I will tell you why.
I used to go down to the neighbors' bog
where upon the bank I'd lie,
Situated so that I could see the log
where up would jump by and by,
A bulgy eyed big green frog
whose lightening tongue would eat a fly.
He was a "glu-tonious" am-phibious sort of a hog
and for a moment I thought I'd die.
For you may have thought my pet was frog
but rather it was the fly.


—by Arthur C. Marks (c)2009

When I was little I know not why,
I spelled library l-i-b-r-r-y.
Now I know the word contains an "a" as in air,
Though exactly where I couldn't care,
But between the "r"s...
I think that's unfair.

The Beerball Blessing

—by Arthur C. Marks

Bless the Skins and the Shirts, and all the little squirts.

And bless Peal Coleman though he is a democrat.