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Projects while working in Barcelona and Sitges.

Marko and his father corresponded with JosÚ Bosch Aymerich to obtain a job for Marko. He would be paid initially 4000ptas. (~$67) per month until he got up to speed. The office was a few blocks from GaudÝ's La Pedrera and from the Jordas. He worked there only a year and then started on his own with these projects and the house for the Jordas.

  • 1960 Hipodromo de Bellvitge Note the chiseled pencil strokes—nothing sketchy about them. When I was little I remember Marko drawing things like bi-planes for me in felt tip pen as if he were connecting unseen dots without crossing lines, leaving room for struts and landing gear as if he were just tracing an image in his head. I wasn't alive yet to see him draw these, but I'm sure they were done in minutes even if he procrastinated/thought before starting them. He taught me how to project a plan into one or two point perspective when I was hardly a teen. I can draw and it still amazes me how he could draw people at the sides of the racetrack so vaguely and yet with such definite lines. Even the woman most in the foreground wearing what wikipedia informs me is appropriately a pencil skirt has an infinity of motion defined with a few horizontal strokes.
  • Beauty Salon Marko wrote in a resume, "In 1959 I moved to Barcelona. [...] Following apprenticeship with a Catalan architect for one year, I opened my own design firm there doing primarily small shops and residences."
  • Housing Developement These were probably his plans for the developement of Montgavina, a mountain on the outskirts of Sitges, Spain that was completely undeveloped. "In 1964 my major client had monumental delays in importing a sewage treatment plant so I returned to America..."
  • Other Spanish Projects 1. 1963. Bungalow for the "Anglo Iberian Development and Urbanization Co." 2,3. Sterkman House, on Montgavina 3,4. Unkown.
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Beauty Salon
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Housing Developement
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