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Suarez Projects

late 1980's

Rick Suarez was a telemarketer that sold contraptions like the "Gut Buster" and Norditrack through his companies, Fitness Quest and Consumer Direct. If I remember correctly he was also a born again Christian. I'm not sure how Marko chanced upon him. They certainly didn't meet at whatever church Suarez attended. I think Suarez's land was on Lord's Lake near a five acre lot on Lutz Ave. that Marko owned and hoped to build on some day.

The cabin addition was built and the design for the multi-million dollar house was well on it's way. I worked on the drawings for both. We had already moved to Virginia Beach, so there were many long distance calls and business trips. Marko had enough work with these that he gave up working for the firm CNOBG. Though the plans are interesting in spite of the symmetry, the designs weren't what he would have liked to give Suarez. After an inspiration Marko stopped work on the design below and worked up a new design with the house moved into the private lake as a "jewel" on a pedestal. The relationship with the client fell apart after that. It's too bad when you think of the clients that might have followed the completion of this house, but I don't think he would have been very happy doing an architecture that wasn't his.

Jackson Hole Cabin
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Canton Residence
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