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The Cats

BI-60 Catamaran

1988-1991. A 59' live-aboard catamaran. 

The U.S. design patent approved on Aug. 27, 1991 is on file here. And here are the specs and design attributes. The design of a catamaran allows for more living space in a shorter length and lower cost than a comparable monohull. This design also allowed for a dinghy between the hulls with much less structure than needed for hoisting a boat off the side of a monohull.

La Gavina

1991. A smaller houseboat. 

About the same length as the BI-60 but narrower and on pontoons for a more economical live-aboard. Marko's last drawings for this design are dated 10 Oct, 1991.


1988 design for a power catamaran.

54' Houseboat

20 Sep 1991.

48' Houseboat

Sep 1991.

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